Avoidance. It’s like being your own worst enemy, following the paths of least resistance that you KNOW, deep down, are not any good psychic. Let’s go! Cowardice. Create a change this week, Cancer, and prevent a terrible habit. A GENERAL CARD FOR EVERYONE: TEN OF WANDS. Not able to break bad habits or overcome dependence.

You can do this! You’re working too hard bb, so take a load off and sit down for a while. Traditionally, anger, tyranny, weakness, cruelty, impatience. Stop bottling it all up inside, Leo! You’re blowing things out of proportion down in your personal psyche. The Ten of Wands is the psychics’s charge card card, and it warns that all work and no play isn’t the way to go. Occasionally a warning of health problems related to anger and agitation, such as high blood pressure.

The Nine of Swords is a type of treatment card–it urges you to talk through your unspoken fears. Assess your Google Cal and clear some space for you time. 9 – The Hermit. Say them out loud and feel their grip on you fade off. You’re no good to anybody if you’re spent. Introspection. Consult your inner psychic, Virgo, and tune into your intuition.

Get your own life drive back by chillin’. Spirituality. It has an important message for you. Warning: this week will feel weird, Aries–you can thank the grieving Five of Cups for that. Looking objectively in the world about. The High Priestess is a potent card regarding the inner knowledge that waits beyond our conscious thoughts, unless we allow it time and room to emerge. Don’t stress: This isn’t about the long run, it’s about an echo from the past.

Learning for the sake of learning. There’s something, deep down, you have to acknowledge. Old wounds sometimes flare up, and the scars itch. Stepping back in the fast pace of life for a while to take stock of where you’re. This week, spend time relaxing and being quiet and calm so you can hear that inner voice. This is one of those times.

It may be time to consider the lessons of the past. You make a fantastic business associate, Libra, because you’ve got a fast, inquiring mind that can certainly can analyze a lot of information. Acknowledge that atmosphere, and then let it pass by.

Increasing consciousness for the sake of doing so. You’re also a diplomat and charmer–able to talk anybody into your plan. It may ‘t hurt you now. A need for distance and time alone.

The Queen of Coins urges you to put your skills into movement this week, whether you’re making a new proposal on the job or starting your side gig. TAURUS: THE FOOL. Possibly a smart confidant or coach. Be business-y! You’re a thoughtful person, and it takes you to a while to draw conclusions since you spend too much time ruminating on all the probable outcomes. A beacon of knowledge.

The Star is a magic card, Scorpio, and it attracts wish-come-true energy into your life. Well, that hard work has been done and this particular week, you’re prepared for your own. Traditionally, wisdom, reserve, meditation, secrecy. It symbolizes the hopes and dreams that we want to see become a reality. Of your own plans. Reversed. Its existence means we’re closer than we believe to manifesting our heart’s desires.

Ta-daaaah! The Fool sees you beginning a new project, feeling full of confidence, and courage. Antisocial. Make certain moves at the direction of something (or someone) you actually need this week.

Frankly, you overlook ‘t care what anybody else has to say about it. Withdrawn. You might be amazed at what occurs. It seems amazing to be finally in your way!

Senile. Friendships mean a lot to you, Sagittarius. A complex and long-term piece of work comes to a natural pause, and now that you have some time to reassess your progress, you’re not so sure you want to continue. Perhaps a victim of desperation.

You love feeling like you understand what your ride-or-dies are thinking without saying a word. The Seven of Coins introduces an element of doubt, but it’s not really a bad thing.